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Legislation Notes

The Renewable Energy Law Published in 2011 allows PV plants to fed the generated electricity to the grid at base 0133 usd/kWh under YEKDEM policy for 10 years.



PV power plants, ower 1 MW are licensed.

PV power plants, under 1 MW are without obligation for license as published in 2013.

Anadolu Solar;

With our partnership and solution partner "Pekintaş Schmid" we installed several projets

National as well International.


Because of the local production of the Panels (by Pekintaş Schmid) and the local production of the steel construction (by Anadolu Innovation Kalıp) our customer receives a higher feed-in-tariff price. This has immediately effect on the resold of the project!.

The Shortcuts

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